Package for the energy industry – dust collection

The changing legal regulations regarding environmental protection, including the limitation on the levels of dust pollution emitted during operation of traditional coal-fired boilers, require the users to implement additional devices and installations. Currently, most boilers are equipped with classic cyclone-based dust collection systems. The systems do not yet achieve the required parameters regarding dust emission levels as required by the new regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them or modify the existing dust collection installations. 

Our services for small and medium-sized heating plants and CHP plants include construction of dust collection installations and modification/expansion of existing systems. In order to comply with increasingly restrictive regulations it is necessary to employ dust collection devices of high efficiency. The simplest and most effective device fulfilling these requirements is the bag filter. Our systems are adapted for boilers with output from several hundred kW to tens of MW and flue gas stream of up to 200,000 m3/h, which includes boilers such as  WR-2,5, WR-5, WR-10, WR-25, WR-40, steam boilers such as OR-10, OR-16, OR-32, or boilers such as KRm-2, KRm-6 etc. Thanks to the modular structure it is possible to assemble dust collection systems in any configuration.

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