Air purification

Various technologies in many areas of industry emit or generate harmful compounds (gasses, vapours) which must not be released into the natural environment. In order to eliminate (purify) them, various technologies of air purification are used, employing e.g. the absorption phenomenon through the use of devices called scrubbers.

We are offering design services and construction of installations for air purification.

The offer includes i.a. an installation for removal of gasses such as:

  • ammonia NH3
  • chlorine Cl2
  • hydrochloric acid HCl
  • acetic acid C2H4O2
  • nitrogen oxide NOx
  • hydrogen bromide HBr
  • amines DMEA, DMIA, TEA
  • nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • hydrogen fluoride HF, hydrogen sulfide H2S, and many other gasses
Oferta i4tech
Oferta i4tech

We are offering solutions in areas such as:

  • chemical industry
  • semiconductor production
  • surface refinement
  • metallurgical industry
  • metal casting (core rooms)
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
  • waste processing
  • chlorine storage – e.g. at chlorine facility at a Water Treatment Station
  • acid storage (e.g. gas flow from HCl tanks)
  • electroplating plant
  • sewage treatment – deodorisation
More information on air purification and deodorisation can be found in tab
Environmental protection




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