Industrial and municipal sewage treatment

 We are offering comprehensive services in designing, delivering and constructing specific technological nodes for municipal sewage treatment plants, as well as designing and constructing specialised industrial sewage treatment plants. Our offer of technological solutions for sewage treatment processes includes:

  • construction of industrial sewage treatment plants for various industries
  • construction of a sewage hydrolysis
  • construction of an installation for sewage sludge processing and drying
  • construction of sludge disposal installations
Oferta i4tech
Oferta i4tech

In order to properly select industrial sewage treatment technologies in cases when the selection of technologies is difficult or when the necessary data for selection is insufficient, we offer pilot study services. Engineers and specialists of GRUPA INTROL S.A. and i4tech Sp. z o.o. are capable of designing and implementing sewage treatment installations. We benefit from the support and experience of our partners in leading technology companies in Poland, Europe, United States and Canada. We also cooperate with leading construction companies, institutes and research centres which provide us with support during large projects.


Our design and construction services regarding sewage treatment include:

  • complete installations for sewage treatment for various industries
  • sewage pumping facilities
  • installation for thermal sludge treatment
  • mechanical sewage treatment
  • dosing systems
  • storage facilities for chemicals
  • automation and control systems

We are also offering machinery for sewage treatment i.a. those produced by GRUPA INTROL:

  • conveyors and feeders
  • grates
  • sand separator
  • receiving units
  • sieves
  • filtration presses
  • systems for sludge drying and processing
  • sludge incineration installations
  • thickeners
  • sedimentation centrifuge
  • control and measuring instruments
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