Deodorisation, gas and atmospheric air purification

For air purification purposes we construct specialised installations based on latest technologies, therefore decreasing the emission of gasses, dusts and other compounds released during industrial processes. Apart from that, we offer deodorisation installations which neutralise odours generated in sewage treatment plants, catchment areas and other industrial processes.

  • installations employing wet scrubbers (e.g. dust collection and desulphurisation processes)
  • installations employing dry scrubbers (e.g. toxic gas neutralisation installations)
  • installations employing mechanical filtration (e.g. bag filters)
  • deodorisation installations based on dry scrubbers of air-tight sealing systems of open tanks for sewage based on modular systems

Engineers and specialist of GRUPA INTROL S.A. and i4tech Sp. z o.o. are capable of designing and implementing air purification installations. We are offering our own technological solutions, as well as solutions of our local and foreign technological partners.

Oferta i4tech
Oferta i4tech

Flue gas purification technologies for your industry

The obligation to reduce the emission of pollution into the atmosphere discharged during fuel combustion, and adjusting to current emission norms requires the construction and utilisation of effective flue gas purification installations. We offer design services and comprehensive implementation of installations involving flue gas purification during processes of burning coal or other fuels, as well as deliveries of devices dedicated for your industry:

  • complete flue gas dust collection installation utilising mechanical filtration of wet dust collectors
  • denitrification of flue gasses with the use of SCR and SNCR methods, employing urea or ammonia solution
  • flue gas desulphurisation installation employing various methods: wet scrubbers or dry technologies based on limestone method or sodium bicarbonate method

Because of the importance of the problem which is industrial flue gas purification, we are offering specialised assistance in selection of appropriate flue gas purification technologies. We employ tested solutions which guarantee optimal technological and economical effect.


Removal of unpleasant odours (smells) emitted by technological systems is becoming an increasingly serious problem, especially in sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping facilities, catchment areas etc. These needs are addressed by i4tech’s specialised deodorisation installations based on dry scrubbers filled with specialised sorbents selected for individual requirements of a given facility.

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