PODZ Horizon cover system

Surface covering

The modular structure of the PODZ system allows covering surfaces of any size and shape: open reservoirs, ponds, pools, lagoons. The system adapts to the surface and does not affect the processes occurring in the liquid. It can be used both on flowing or standing water (video available at pi2technologies.com).

Working principle

PODZ modules minimise odour and greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing them instead of masking them with chemical compounds or capturing them via ventilation channels into enclosed spaces. Each PODZ module has its own absorption material selected for an individual case and for maximised efficiency.


PODZ system is the most effective solution on the market for sealing and reducing gas emissions on the surface of industrial reservoirs, ponds, pools and lagoons. Investment and operation costs are a fraction of the costs of conventional solutions. Installing the system on a surface of 500mtakes less than a single workday and does not require design work, infrastructure modification or specialised training.

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