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We use cookies to improve your use of our website and for statistical purposes. If you are not blocking these files, you express consent for their use and storage in your device’s memory Remember that you can manage cookies by changing the browser settings. How to turn cookies off? Our website stores cookie files on your computer, precisely in the cache of a specific browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and others) on the user account of the device you use to connect to the internet. Usually cookie files are very useful. They are used to remember your personal settings. We can gauge how many users visit our website and which content is the most popular. Cookies also improve website navigation. In certain cases the deactivation of cookies may make the site unusable.

If you believe that the presence of cookies violates your privacy, you can deactivate them at any time for a specific site or for all connections via your browser.

  • Using Mozilla Firefox – in menu \”Tools\” select \”Options\” and then the \”Privacy\” tab. The browser gives you an option to disable all tracking or remove specific cookies of specific sites.
  • Using Microsoft Explorer – in menu \”Tools\” select \”Internet options\” and then the \”Privacy\” tab. A slider allows you to adjust the general level of privacy while the “\Sites\” button allows you to manage individual websites.
  • Using Google Chrome – in menu represented by three horizontal lines in upper right corner of the browser select “\Tools\” and then \”Clear browsing data...\”. Apart from the option to clear cookies, the section contains a link \”More information\” which leads to a detailed description of the privacy functions of the browser.
  • Using Opera by using the \”Opera\” button – in upper left corner open the menu and select \”Settings\” and \”Clear browsing history...\” Apart from the option of clearing existing cookies, the section contains the \”Manage cookies...\” leading to more advanced options for individual websites.
  • Using Apple Safari – in menu \”Safari\” select \”Preferences\” and then the \”Privacy\” tab. You will many options involving cookies there.
  • Each phone model and various tablets and other mobile devices may use that function differently. Therefore, we advise you to learn about the privacy options at the website of the manufacturer of your mobile device.
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