Neutralisation of chlorine and sulphur dioxide

All technological applications where chlorine is used (water treatment facilities, chemical industry, metallurgical industry etc.) always involve a risk of chlorine-related failure which can human and animal life, as well as the natural environment. In accordance with the regulations, installations utilising chlorine must always be equipped with systems for chlorine neutralisation. Currently, most devices for chlorine neutralisation are based on scrubbers utilising sodium hydroxide (water solution of NaOH). This involves the necessity of maintaining continuous lye management, fresh, used or decayed. Due to temperature concerns, such installations have to be placed in rooms with appropriate temperature (lye crystallisation), and contain a series of devices – pumps, ventilators, mixers, measuring equipment, fittings etc. Operation of installations utilising sodium hydroxide is always troublesome. It is a common occurrence that lye escapes the installations through leaks, connections and ventilation systems – purified air nozzles. Because of that both investment and operational costs are high.

The proposed technology can be utilised for neutralisation of chlorine Cl2 and sulphur dioxide SO2. In order to eliminate these problems while maintaining high reliability of neutralisation (chlorine removal) we propose a modern chlorine neutralisation technology utilising DRY SCRUBBERS. The technology was developed by PURAFIL, and American company, which is represented by i4tech Sp. z o.o.

Main advantages of the proposed technology:

  • simple operating principle,
  • the device can be placed inside chlorine facility rooms as well as outdoors because of the resistance to low temperatures (up to minus 40oC),
  • no need for continuous operation because dry sorbent can be stored in a scrubber for many years.
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