Odour removal in sewage treatment plants

The problem of airborne odours

Odour emission related to municipal management facilities, animal husbandry, industrial installations – sewage treatment plants and sewage sludge processing installations, composting facilities, waste dumps, waste sorting facilities, farms, animal waste processing facilities, food industry facilities etc. – constitutes a severe problem to the environment. Numerous complaints of citizens regarding the discomfort related to the emission of odours originating from such nearby facilities indicates that in many cases the problem is not resolved and it is necessary to undertake necessary measures.

The groups of chemical compounds responsible for odour air pollution include sulphur compounds (hydrogen sulphide, thiols), nitrogen compounds (amines, indole), airborne fatty acids, ammonia, phenol and their derivatives. In spite of the difficulties associated with the development and introduction of appropriate legal regulation regarding the determination of the degree of inconvenience of the odour nuisance and methods of counteracting the phenomenon, various methods of varying effectiveness in limiting odour emissions are being developed and implemented.

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