Preparation of industrial water and cooling systems

We offer the following design and construction services involving preparation of industrial water and cooling systems:

  • Systems of initial water treatment
  • Water demineralisation installations based on ion exchange and membrane technologies
  • Softening installations
  • Decarbonisation installations
  • Ionite regeneration stations (SRJ)
  • Condensate treatment stations (SOK)
  • Installations for the needs of conditioning water and steam circulation systems – installations for preparation and dosage of phosphates, installations for preparation of hydrazine and ammonia
  • Cooling installations for machinery and devices, based on ventilation cooling towers
  • Oxygen dosing installations for water circulation systems
  • Filtration installations on high-rate open filters and pressure filters with the use of various filtration media
  • Storage facilities for chemicals – e.g. HCl, H2SO4, NaOH, NH3
  • Process water storage facilities – storage tanks
  • Industrial process automation
Oferta i4tech
Oferta i4tech

Our offer includes devices for water treatment purposes such as:

  • Dosing pumps and dosing systems across a wide range of outputs and pressures
  • Drainage systems for high-rate open filters – the system is made entirely out of stainless steel or HDPE plastic
  • PVC, PE, PP and PVDF chemical storage containers
  • Vertical drinking water containers up to 200m3
  • Ion exchangers
  • Control and measuring instruments
  • CO2 desorbers
  • HCl vapour absorbers
  • Ion exchange containers
Environmental protection




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