Water treatment

Our water treatment solutions involve a full range of services from conception and design to comprehensive construction of installations or facilities. We provide construction and installation services in design-build turnkey system.

We are offering comprehensive services in design and execution for water treatment plants, their modernisation and automatisation, as well as implementation of modern technological solutions improving the effectiveness of the process and the resulting quality of water.

We handle installations both for municipal needs (drinking water) and for many industries. Dozens of completed projects regarding water treatment allows us to offer improved and increasingly more effective technological solutions.

Oferta i4tech
Oferta i4tech

We provide technological solutions for each stage of water treatment.

  • coagulation and flocculation installations
  • installations for storing, preparing and dosing of carbon powder
  • filtration systems utilising low resistance drainage systems for high-rate open sand and carbon filters
  • ion exchange and membrane technologies – softening facilities, demi water stations, EDR and EDI installations, ultrafiltration
  • water conditioning systems in water and steam circulation systems – installations for preparation and dosage of phosphates, hydrazine and ammonia, as well as oxygen dosing installations for water coolant systems in industrial processes
  • pressure flotation installations
  • construction of water disinfection installations based on gaseous chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite, UV
  • construction of chemical storage facilities and dosing systems (e.g. for HCl, H2SO4, NaOH)

In particular cases when the selection of water treatment technologies is difficult or when the necessary data for selection is insufficient, we offer pilot study services. Engineers and specialists of GRUPA INTROL S.A. and i4tech Sp. z o.o. are capable of designing and implementing water treatment installations. We benefit from the support and experience of our partners in leading technology companies in Poland, Europe, United States and Canada. We also cooperate with leading Polish construction companies, institutes and research centres which provide us with support during large projects.

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