Modernisation of the chlorine facility for RPWiK Brzesko

In June 2020 the construction works regarding the modernisation of the chlorine facility for RPWiK Brzesko were completed. The extent of the works involved i.a. design work – structural design and working design, construction of a modern maintenance-free installation for chlorine neutralisation based on dry technology, redevelopment of ventilation systems, electric installations, control and measurement instruments and automation systems, as well as construction works. The new neutralisation installation with 520 kg chlorine absorption capacity fully protects the facility and the environment from the aftermath of a potential failure. This is yet another i4tech project involving modernisation of a chlorine facility including i.a. the construction of new installations for chlorine neutralisation. The chlorine facility modernisation also included an upgrade of the ClO2 chlorine dioxide installation by installing a chlorine generation and dosage system with a generator producing ClO2 through the chlorine – sodium chlorite method

Environmental protection




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